Make a submission against privatisation of Maryburns and the Wolds Stations

Dear Everyone,

I hope that this email finds you and your family and friends well and ok. I know this is not the perfect time to be doing submissions or water stuff, but water matters and Land Tenure Review matters in the Mackenzie are not going to stop because of our situation in Christchurch.

This is really really important if you value your lake fronts to be free of private houses.
THE WOLDS SUBMISSION CLOSES 4 March 2011, so please do it NOW!

When you drive from Tekapo to Lake Pukaki, over the canal past the Tekapo Military Camp, all that beautiful tussock land on your right, stretching to the shores of Lake Pukaki is wanting to be freeholded by the Maryburns Station and the Wolds Station. This means that all this beautiful tussock land that you see will be cultivated(Green) and Pukaki’s Lakeside developed into smaller blocks of land containing houses. Do we want our lake shores to be built up as they are in Europe? My understanding is that the Wolds and Maryburn are using ‘Getting rid of pine trees’ as a reason to develop the shoreline.

You can make your submission easily by clicking on quick submission at forest and Bird.

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ps You could if you prefer add an address, print a copy of the submission below, sign and send to Tony Sharpe at Darroch Ltd. (address on letter)

Darroch Ltd
PO Box 143
Attn: Tony Sharpe

This submission requests that the Preliminary Proposal for the Wolds be withdrawn because it fails to implement the Crown Pastoral Lands Act (CPLA) 1998. The Proposal fails to protect extensive outwash plains, the Maryburn wetland and catchment, parts of the Tekapo River terraces, the slopes of the Mary Range, Paterson Ponds and the triangular block of outwash terrace north of the Tekapo Canal which has been identified as having significant values that warrant protection as public conservation land under the objects of Part 2 of the CPLA.

The proposal fails to protect the Mackenzie’s valued dryland landscapes.
The proposal should be withdrawn and renegotiated to ensure protection of the signficant inherent values (SIVs) and then renotified for public submissions. The renegotiation should be a part of the outcomes of the collaborative planning “Shared Vision” process which the Government has initiated in the Mackenzie.
My submission includes the following points included in the proposed preliminary proposal that do not meet the objects of the Crown Pastoral Lands Act :

ÿ The proposed freeholding of western slopes Mary Range overlooking Lake Pukaki. To fulfil the objects of the CPLA this area and its significant inherent values need to be protected as public conservation land. It is part of the largest and most intact sequence of lateral moraine glacial landforms and associated dryland habitats and plant communities remaining in the Mackenzie Basin.

ÿ Freeholding part of Tekapo River Terraces. The proposed Conservation Area 1 (CA1) needs to be extended to include the additional areas sought by DoC and identified as having significant inherent values to protect all of these, including habitats for threatened plants, lizards and birds and undeveloped river terraces.

ÿ The proposed freeholding of most of the Maryburn wetland and catchment and Maryburn Stream. To fulfil the objects of the CPLA the whole 765 ha. area sought by DoC and Maryburn Stream and its surrounding shrublands needs protection as public conservation land as an extension to the proposed Scientific Reserve.

ÿ Freeholding Southeast Face Mary Range – Landscape Covenant needed. This area has relatively unmodified landscapes with remnant short tussock grasslands and shrublands that are highly visible from a major tourist route. Freeholding with no protection expose these faces to risk of earthworks, new buildings and forestry plantings. A Reserves Act landscape covenant is needed to protect the landscapes associated with remaining indigenous vegetation, the uncluttered open landscape and extensive views.

ÿ Proposed freeholding of Outwash Plain east of Mary Range and SH8 and North Eastern triangle of Unoccupied Crown Land. These areas contain important landscape and conservation values associated with threatened environments, habitats and species and relatively natural open, highly visible landscapes adjoining a major road and tourist route. They have significant inherent values which deserve protection as conservation land.

ÿ To ensure secure public access and public enjoyment I ask that there be public access to Mt Mary from SH 8 as well as public access along the track from the Pukaki Canal over the existing farm track that lies on The Wolds. It is a key recreation route and Mt Mary has panoramic views overlooking Lake Pukaki.

ÿ The extensive freeholding will not promote ecologically sustainable management. Continued grazing and pastoral intensification of wetlands, short tussock grasslands, shrublands and other communities with SIVs will degrade their healthy functioning and replace indigenous vegetation and habitats with exotic grasses.

ÿ Cultivation of large areas of land to be freeholded on The Wolds will have an irreversible effect on the landscapes and ecology of the middle Mackenzie Basin.

ÿ The Crown should ensure DOC is adequately funded to control the wilding pines that the lessee has abandoned.

3 thoughts on “Make a submission against privatisation of Maryburns and the Wolds Stations

  1. The lakesides need to be preserved for everyone to enjoy, rather than by a few house and lifestyle block owners. We all know the Lake shores in Europe have been sudivided and privatised to the exclusion of the general public access. This is the inevitable outcome if the Tenure Review goes ahead as planned for these areas.
    The TUSSOCK land to the right of the main road going south from the Tekapo Army Camp belonging to the Wolds and Maryburn Stations is our historic heritage and needs to be preserved.

  2. Please don’t let greed be the dominating factor of a decision that will devastate the fantastic tussock landscape of the Mackenzie country.

    We owe it to future generations to preserve this incredibly beautiful part of New Zealand.

    Stop this madness!

  3. I find this whole article disgusting. It does not make me proud to be living in a country that has re-elected a prime minister that feels, what is left of our beautiful landscape is this expendible. I understand the revenue it could potentially bring in for the country, however i think John key needs to step back and realise, money isnt everything. Before long he is going to have this whole country dairy farmed and mined. New Zealand is sheepishly following him because our thoughts are lastly turned to the enviroment. WIth CHCH and Pike River and several other natural distasters, isnt it time we all stood back and listened to what the earth is telling us? Its time to stop being consumed by money and greed and get back to grass roots.

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