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Just a reminder to register for the Mackenzie Country Symposium At the Twizel Events Centre 26-27 November, 2010.

The Mackenzie Guardians recently met with officials of Land Information NZ (LINZ) in Christchurch as we are concerned at the growth of intensive farming in the Mackenzie Basin and the impacts on the Mackenzie’s distinctive landscapes, waterways and unique indigenous ecology.

LINZ administers Crown pastoral land in NZ. The aim of the meeting was to seek clarification on how areas of Crown land with ‘significant inherent values’ are being protected. We wanted a clearer understanding of the processes and the effectiveness of current management regimes. We note that Government Policy 2009 states as an objective that stewardship of pastoral land is to ensure that “pastoral and inherent values, including the natural character of lakesides and landscapes, are maintained and protected” (10.1.2 ) . The Guardians recognise this policy applies to LINZ management of the leases, such as in monitoring and in considering discretionary consents. We are interested in management of the leases as well as in tenure review.

We were alarmed to learn that everything seems to depend on the Department of Conservation and are concerned at the gaps in the process. What happens if DOC does not make an adequate recommendation? There appears to be no appeal processes. At the moment it is death by a 1000 cuts and there is no overall big picture in the tenure review process or sustainable vision for the future.

Speights just did a beer advertisement billboard with a photograph of the Lindis Pass and the slogan “We are as proud of our view as we are of our beer. Sunset on tussock” but not for much longer unless we make it very clear to the Government we love the Mackenzie Country as it is. We believe It is up to the Government to provide leadership for policy change in this situation.


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2 thoughts on “Mackenzie Country Symposium/ love,love me do

  1. The Speight add and many other views are spectacular but a closer look shows this landscape is the result of 150 years of degradation by outdated extensive farming methods. Wilding pines (and other trees), rabbits, lupins, wallabies and hawkweed are what will take over without a huge change in management. I would prefer to see viable farm enterprise which has the potential to rebuild the soils that once supported real tussock lands.

  2. Unfortunately proposed intensive farming will make selective areas green but stress the neighbouring areas with even more weeds and loss of habitat for endangered plants and birds. More water for dairying as proposed by Richard Peacock at the Mackenzie Symposium will result in long term environmental effects in this fragile ecosystem that taxpayers will have to pay for when weeds( this has happened in the central North Island lakes), as a result of nitrogen enrichment in our waterways, affect our hydroelectricity generationl. There are no easy solutions to these issues.
    Mackenzie Runholder

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