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our-water-our-voteKEY PROTEST RALLY – WEDNESDAY 9 JUNE AT 6.30 PM

Since the infamous Environment Canterbury legislation was passed, Prime Minister John Key has twice visited Christchurch. On one occasion he encountered a picket about mining but so far he had not encountered a water protest.This visit a young man was arrested for jumping on the roof of the PM’S car as the crowd screamed” you cant drink money ,you cant drink shit , you can’t steal our vote and get away with it” John Key adressed a public meeting inside from 7pm and charged the public $7 to go inside.

On his visit to Christchurch on 9 June we showed John Key and the nation that we are not happy with the dismissal of our elected councillors and his plans for our water. He needs to know that we do not want our rivers, lakes wetlands and aquifers destroyed in the pursuit of short term economic gain. He also needs to know that we do not want agribusiness to be given vast quantities of pure water free of charge while we will end up paying high water rates for a restricted supply of chlorinated and contaminated water like Dunsandel, where the town water supply is now contaminated by e.coli. The town has a well 70m down that is regularly getting e.coli in it and so they are having to treat it – currently chlorine but looking at a UV treatment.


This is what is likely to be in store for Christchurch’s water with the intensification of dairying on the plains and the recent Central Plains Water decision. Environment Canterbury has just granted a total of 24 resource consents; seven relating to land use, seven for water take and diversion and a further ten discharge permits. Selwyn District Council have issued seven resource consents for the construction, use and maintenance of pipelines, open channels or waterways to convey water in throughout the Malvern area, including utility buildings and structures along or adjacent to the distribution networks.

This has occured despite the opposition of The Department of Conservation, the Fish and Game Council, the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society ,Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu and The Malvern Hills Protection Society which recommended declining all applications.

The world-class quality of Christchurch water depends on its origin as recharge from the alpine-fed Waimakariri River and, for protection against contamination, on the upward flow of groundwater through the aquifers beneath the city. This upward flow is caused by a combination of the groundwater levels in the Central Plains aquifers and the particular geology of the Plains near the coast. The simple message here is that the use of groundwater in the Central Plains has the potential to affect the water resources of Christchurch City, including flow in the groundwater-fed streams such as the Avon and Heathcote Rivers.


The groundwater of the Canterbury Plains is a large, continuously-flowing body of water within layers of silts, sands and gravel down to depths of up to 500 metres. This is not a static pond of water that we can “save for our grandchildren”. What we do need to pass on to succeeding generations is wise management of this dynamic resource.

Gross National economic development takes no account of gross National environment destruction.

our-water-our-voteReflections on Water
Cathedral Square, Sunday 13 June 3.00 pm

Sam Mahon painter,sculptor and author will be erecting a Stone Cairn in the square in the front of the Cathedral with the the Dean’s blessing.

We invite you to gather with us in Cathedral Square to show your concern about the loss of our elected representatives and what is happening to our water.
Is it right? that we should lose our clean drinking water? that we should lose our rivers and streams? that we should lose our vote on these issues?

The loss of our elected regional council, the loss of water conservation orders and our right to argue for or against them, is a loss for democracy. We invite you to gather with us in Cathedral Square where a cairn of river stones will be constructed as a mark of public concern.

There will be brief addresses by the following people:
Graham Wardrop and Liz Braggins – Cry me a river
Brian Turner – Poet laureate 2003-5
Lydia Brady – First woman to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen
Brian Deans – Fifth generation farmer
Robin Judkins – Director of Coast to Coast
Morgan Waru – Student
Peter Beck- Dean of the Cathedral
Ariana Tikao – Vocalist
Sunday 13th June – Cathedral Square – 3pm
In case of rain, the Cathedral will be open to us.
‘Reflections on water’ organised by:
Reflections on Water

IMG_1220Murray River Country Australia see the effects of human’s controlling water below

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  1. Useful Guide on Protest Rights Linked from ECan in Exile website.

    For those of you going to the protest rally have a quick read of the ECan in Exiles linked article, under their DEMOCRACY page tab, on How to Exercise Protest Rights in NZ

    Of particular note is the part dealing with protests at indoor venues



  2. 9 June 2010

    ECan in Exile, responding to the release of government’s ECan commissioners decisions on annual plan submissions, is alleging that the ECan commissioners where acting illegally when they wrote to 274 of the 430 ECan annual plan submitters saying they would not be heard on the democracy issues and is calling for hearings to be re-opened.

    “To quote a famous customer focused businessman, Alan Martin ‘It’s the putting right that counts’ and that’s what the governments appointed ECan commissioners need to do correct their illegal actions of denying 274 of the 430 annual plan submitters their democratic speaking rights ,” ECan In Exile spokesperson Helen Isra said today.

    “The commissioners do not have carte blanche to trample on all of Cantabrians democratic rights, the local government law says people must be given a chance to speak to their annual plan submissions, if they want to, but the commissioners have in effect denied 274 submitters that right and this calls into question the legality of their decision making process and the annual plan itself.” Isra said.

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