Environmental Defence Society’s court challenge

It is great to see the Environmental Society taking the Waitaki Council to account and here is their media release.Legal challenges such as this are expensive. If you`d like to help financially please send any donations to EDS at the below address or to Mackenzie Guardians, C/- Secretary, 468 Oxford Tce, ChCh.
Media Release
Environmental Defence Society to file High Court proceedings challenging Mackenzie country cubicle farming consents
EDS will next week file proceedings in the High Court at Timaru challenging the resource consents for 3 cubicle dairy farm proposals in the Mackenzie Country.

“The proceedings relate to three sets of land use consents granted to Williamson Holdings Ltd, Southdown Holdings Ltd and Five Rivers Ltd by Waitaki District Council,” said EDS Chairman Gary Taylor.

“The land use consents were granted on a non-notified basis, without any opportunity for public involvement, despite raising significant public interest issues.

“The 3 companies propose to create cubicle dairy farming operations in the Mackenzie Country involving 18,000 dairy cows being housed for 9 months of the year in 20 wintering sheds. The output of dairy effluent from these operations is equivalent to the waste generated by Christchurch City.

“The challenge will target 3 sets of decisions by the Council: the decision to issue Certificates of Compliance for farm buildings and earthworks, the decision not to allow public input; and the decision to grant approval to the consents.

“Because these proceedings are being filed in the High Court, the hearing will focus on whether there have been errors of law in the decision-making processes, not the merits of factory farming.

“EDS is asking the Court to overturn the decisions.

“Because we are now heading into litigation, it is not possible to discuss the issue in any detail beyond describing what we are doing.

“Robert Enright from Kirkland Enright is the lawyer acting for EDS in the case,” Mr Taylor concluded.

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