show your support Town Hall wed, dec 9

dear  Mackenzie Guardians, members and supporters,

We do thank you for your support of Mackenzie Guardians Incorporated. Membership is growing every day as the word gets around about the threats to our beloved national treasure.  We also thank those who have made donations to the Society.  We welcome new members so please do encourage others to join us, especially those who have an interest in preserving the Mackenzie Country.

.Mackenzie Guardians will present evidence at the Upper Waitaki Hearing in the Boaters Restaurant, ChCh  Town Hall on Wed. 9 December starting 9.30am.

Our legal team, Mathew McLelland and Phernne Tancock from Wellington will present a legal submission on behalf of 8 individual submitters and members of the Mackenzie Guardians. There will also be experts presenting evidence on behalf of the Society.
A film of the Mackenzie Country will form part of our evidence.   Mackenzie Guardians’ evidence will start going up on the Ecan website later this week.

It is really important for the individual submitters, members and supporters of the Society to attend the Hearing on Dec 9 in support of the Guardians’ submission. Please keep this day free.

The Hearing Timetable is as follows:
9.30am – 10.30am    Morning session
10.30am                   Morning Tea
10.45 – 12pm           Complete morning submissions
12 – 1pm                  Lunch Break
1pm – 3pm               Afternoon session
3pm                         Afternoon Tea
3.15pm – 5pm          Complete afternoon submissions
(Feel free to arrive and leave at any time throughout the day).

The Upper Waitaki  Hearing began in September 2009 and looks likely to run to the end of February 2010.  If you are interested in reading some of the evidence already presented to the Hearing  check out the following:

On Saturday 21 November 2009 further applications by Fiver Rivers Ltd, Southdown Holdings Ltd and Williamson Holdings Ltd were publicly notified in the ChCh Press.  Consents are being sought to establish dairy farms with a maximum of 17,850 dairy cows on  three properties,  Ohau Downs, Glen Eyre Downs and Killermont Station.
“Cows will be housed in cubicle stables from March to October, and for 12 hours a day from November to February….. Liquid effluent will be discharged onto land in the summer via the proposed irrigation system”.
These consents are additional to those being sought at the current Hearing.
Submissions closing date is Friday 18 December 2009 at 5pm.

Mackenzie Guardians will make a submission on these applications. It’s vital that individuals make submissions as well, opposing the ‘battery farming’ of cows in the Mackenzie. Attached is a copy of the notified applications.

See you on the 9th!
Greg McLean (Secretary)
Rosalie Snoyink

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  1. Thanks for this information which comes a bit late for those in the Mackenzie area. We are only now finding about what is happening and where the hearing is being held. These applications are outrageous and Twizel has been unaware of what is going on till now. Please keep us informed. I have only just returned from the North Island and have seen the devastating effects of dairy farming to both the landscape and waterways. We don’t want any more cows in the Mackenzie Country/Waitaki Basin so support your efforts, wish you the best at the Hearing and look forward to reading the results.
    Marion Sheridan

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