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“Protecting the Mackenzie Country”

The aims of the Mackenzie Guardians are to promote the protection of the natural/ naturalistic wildlife, water, vegetation, heritage & landscape values of the Mackenzie Country.

Mackenzie Guardians believe that the values of this unique area need to be conserved for the enjoyment and well-being of present and future generations.

Membership Application/ Renewal

Individual                                  $20.00
Family                                      $20.00
Donation                                    $____

Total $___________

Donations of $5.00 and over are tax deductible.

Make cheques payable to:
Mackenzie Guardians and post with the following details please:

Membership Application/ Renewal


Phone____________mobile ____________

Post to:
The Secretary
Mackenzie Guardians
468 Oxford Tce
Christchurch 8011

contact us ;

You can also pay directly via internet banking :

account name is  Mackenzie Guardians Incorporated
Bank account number is   38 9009 0842109 00.

2 thoughts on “join Mackenzie Guardians

  1. Heard through Ines Stager and Anne Braun-Elwert about your trust. We are happy to take a family membership. You will find the membership fee as a direct credit into your bank account.

    Best regards from Tekapo,

    Marianne and Rene Aukens

  2. I applaud your efforts to appose the unsustainable exploitation of the Mackenzie basin. I have made a $500 donation from CustomWalks that will appear as a direct credit on Dec 16, 2009. Let’s not let them milk New Zealand dry. Sincerely, Brett Naisby
    P.S. Please issue a receipt to: Customwalks, 48 Hawford Rd, Opawa 8023, Christchurch

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