Clean, green NZ is a lie – and a warning for Britain`s countryside – The Guardian

Patrick Barkham

Patrick Barkham writes  “There can’t be a more successful tourism marketing campaign than “100% Pure New Zealand”. And New Zealand is seen as a world leader in another respect: how its farmers sell their food globally without government subsidies. But the tension between these two successes has been exposed by Sir Tim Smit, the co-founder of the Eden Project in Cornwall”.

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Proposed vegetation clearance rules – not on the Christmas wish list for everyone – Duncan Cotterill

The pressure is on for the Mackenzie District Council (MDC) to notify a plan change to address its vegetation clearance provisions in the rural zone pre-Christmas. Plan change 17 to the MDP introduced a temporary twelve month suspension of an exemption to rules 12.1.1(g) and 12.1.1(h) which control clearance of identified indigenous species. The suspension expires on 24 December 2017.

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