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Controversial tenure review leaves devastating legacy for South Island environment – researchers – Jamie Ensor, Newshub

The process has been controversial for the amount of land given to intensive farming, which Ms Sage said has “contributed to major landscape change and loss of habitat for native plants and animals”.                                                                                                                             But Landcare researcher Susan Walker told Newshub New Zealand’s environment had already been damaged and native species were worse off.                                                             “The rivers, the scrublands, the grasslands, cushion fields, herb fields, those sorts of things are rarer and much more threatened,” she said,

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Eugenie Sage slams the selling of Crown land to farmers under tenure review – Conan Young, Radio NZ

Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage.

Tenure review will be scrapped later this year following a report from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) that says it has favoured farmers at the expense of the environment.Ms Sage said New Zealanders had lost out in a process that had seen 350,000 hectares of Crown land sold to farmers and then converted to luxury housing or intensive farming.

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NZ tourism needs ‘Govt support’ warns Mackenzie mayor – Mathew Littlewood, Timaru Herald

Mackenzie District Mayor says the country's tourism experience risks becoming degraded without a proper nation-wide strategy for it.

Mackenzie District Mayor Graham Smith

Smith’s submission argues that other industries such as farming and transport are subject to pollution controls and environmental standards, and any strategy for New Zealand tourism should also be “subject to controls where the environment or sites of cultural or heritage value are being adversely affected”.

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