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Stop three more years of unelected Commissioners at Environment Canterbury

Five years ago the Government removed the elected members of Environment Canterbury and replaced them with Commissioners. In 2010 Environment Minister, Nick Smith, sacked the elected councillors in deference to rural interests as the councillors wanted to protect the environment.

As a result, Environment Canterbury (ECan) lost all democratic representation. This loss of democracy sparked anger and demonstrations at the time. Environment Minister Nick Smith claims ECan Commissioners have made “huge progress” but ECan’s own recent evaluation of lakes and rivers in Canterbury shows water quality continues to deteriorate.

Article here,  Christchurch City Council labels Government’s Environment Canterbury plan ‘arrogant’


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Mackenzie Guardians disappointed with Govt. announcement

Mackenzie landscape needs protection click here for the article[...]

November 3rd, 2015 - 8:40 pm § in News and Articles

Agreement to protect Mackenzie Basin falters

An agreement uniting opposing sides to protect the Mackenzie landscape has faltered after the Government refused to support some of its recommendations click here for the article[...]

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DoC review of The MacKenzie Basin

MacKenzie basin a ‘unique’ challenge as one of last opportunities to protect dryland ecosystems in New Zealand at a sustainable scale mackenzie-basin-ecology (7.75Mb pdf)[...]

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MacKenzie Irrigation circles, visual pollution

Irrigation circles have taken over the Mackenzie country, turning thousands of hectares of high-value, golden tussocked land into splotches of vivid green Irrigation has fundamentally altered the area’s golden hue, which had seen it used for Hollywood movies and tourism promotion. Click here f[...]

October 29th, 2015 - 6:42 pm § in News and Articles

New Zealand’s most iconic landscapes are being placed into private ownership

The increasing privatisation of the Mackenzie high country was putting a delicate environment under threat, and could visually alter the landscape. The basin is home to more than 60 rare and threatened plant species and to the critically endangered black stilt and the bendy beaked wrybill. Click her[...]

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Farmers accused of making big profits

The Crown sold land valued at $154m into private freehold ownership in the MacKenzie basin. The median on-selling price per hectare was 493 times the Crown’s original sale price. Click here for the full article[...]