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iconic New Zealand Landscape being sold off

Some iconic Mackenzie Country Landscapes are undergoing tenure review and about to be lost to the nation.Why would you sell this landscape with a covenant that permits subdivision within 15 years ? It is not too late to make a submission to help save Irishman Creek. Submissions close 30 June 2014

Irishman”s Creek up for private sale
More than 5800 hectares of pastoral lease land, described as an “important part of the Mackenzie Basin landscape”, could be placed in private ownership.
Land Information New Zealand has released the preliminary tenure review proposal for Irishman Creek Station.
The proposal suggests about 5800 of Irishman Creek Station’s 9800ha be placed into freehold, with the remaining land put into Crown ownership as part of the conservation estate.
A reported prepared by the Department of Conservation (DOC) says the station provides habitat for several rare birds and fish including the black stilt, NZ Falcon, Canterbury galaxid and long-finned eel.
“The station retains very high natural qualities … it is an important part of the Mackenzie Basin landscape. Large parts of the lease contribute much to people’s experience and memory of the Basin,” the report says.
“The visual character of short tussock, combined with the extent and uniformity of its coverage, creates a landscape of huge scale and openness that is very rarely experienced anywhere else in the region.”
The DOC report says the land proposed to be transferred to the Crown “provides opportunities for active and passive recreation and opportunities for the Te Araroa trail”.
“The station contains chronically threatened flora and fauna … The landscape within the visual corridors of State Highway 8 … is generally recognised as an iconic high country landscape.”
Irishman Creek farms more than 8000 merino and about 200 angus cattle.
It is also the birthplace of jet-boating, which was developed by one of the station’s former owners, Bill Hamilton.
Pastoral lease-holder Justin Wills was unavailable for comment.
According to the proposal, much of the land placed under freehold would still be subject to Crown covenants to “maximise the regeneration and succession of indigenous plant communities”, in particular the rare native tussocks.
However, Forest and Bird Canterbury field officer Jen Miller was concerned about the sheer scope of the land to be set aside under freehold.
It seems to defy logic. This is one of the most important landscapes in the country, and a rare ecosystem. I can’t understand the Crown’s decision to offer this as a proposal. It seems to suggest a lack of a clear strategy,” she said.
Miller said there were some good aspects about the proposal, particularly the fact some land set aside for conservation.
“However, you have some amazing sections just going into freehold, and little justification as to why,” she said.
Submissions on the proposal close on June”300″>
- The Timaru Herald 6/5/2014

Irishman Creek Tenure Review – Notice of Preliminary Proposal

3 May 2014
Notice is given under Section 43 of the Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998 by the Commissioner of Crown Lands that he has put a preliminary proposal for tenure review to Irishman Creek Station Limited as lessee of Irishman Creek pastoral lease.

Legal description of land concerned:
Pastoral lease land:

Part Run 343 and Section 1, SO 15864 being all the land contained in Instrument of Title CB 529/19 (Canterbury Land Registry) comprising 9802.3049 hectares more or less.

General description of proposal:
(1) 2613 ha (approximately) to be designated as land to be restored to or retained in Crown control as Conservation Area under section 35(2)(b)(i) Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998; subject to:

The granting of an easement concession
The continuation in force of an existing easement
The granting of a grazing concession
(2) 1400 ha (approximately) to be designated as land to be restored to or retained in Crown control as Scenic Reserve under section 35(2)(b)(ii) Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998; subject to:

The granting of an easement concession
The granting of a grazing concession

(3) 5789 ha (approximately) to be designated as land to be disposed of by freehold disposal to Irishman Creek Station Limited under section 35(3), of the Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998; subject to:

Part IVA Conservation Act 1987
Section 11 of the Crown Minerals Act 1991
A conservation covenant

Further information including a copy of the designations plan plus the draft covenant, easement and grazing concession documents, is available on request from LINZ at the following address:

Land Information New Zealand
Crown Property
CBRE House, 112 Tuam Street
Private Bag 4721
Phone: 0800 665 463 (Option 7)
Email: pastoral&

Any person wishing to inspect the lease should contact LINZ in the first instance at the above address.

Any person or organisation may send a written submission on the above proposal to the Commissioner of Crown Lands at the above address.

All submissions are being collected and held by LINZ either directly or through its agents or contractors.

Submitters should note that all written submissions may be made available, in full, by LINZ to its employees, agents and contractors, the Department of Conservation and the public generally.

Closing date of submissions:
Written submissions must be received by the Commissioner at the above address no later than 5pm Monday 30th June 2014.

Media enquiries:

Contact LINZ Land Information New Zealand +64 4 460 0110
Find out more
About LINZ
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Property owners & titles
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Land Information New Zealand
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