Feds dairy head points finger at EU subsidies for dairy price fall

Canterbury landscape consultant Di Lucas applauds the support given to European farmers to maintain landscapes and biodiversity.

“The subsidies are mainly about environment protection. It’s really important, it’s enabled them to protect hedgerows and the whole character of European landscapes. Decades ago they cleared a lot but they have recovered from that, they’ve got the intimate landscapes back,”

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Has our dairy industry gone too far?

Has dairy gone too far in the beautiful Mackenzie Country?

The Mackenzie Basin is a stunning piece of landscape in the South Island — a desert spotted with electric blue lakes surrounded by mountains.

It is the last place you would think you would want to put cows.

But strange green circles have begun to appear on the ground there — evidence of something that is being seen as an alien invasion.

Artificial pastures smack bang in the middle of dry tussock.

That’s right, dairy in the desert in the heart of one of New Zealand’s most undeveloped spots.

It seems farmers are going where no farmer has gone before, but is it too far?

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Stop three more years of unelected Commissioners at Environment Canterbury

Five years ago the Government removed the elected members of Environment Canterbury and replaced them with Commissioners. In 2010 Environment Minister, Nick Smith, sacked the elected councillors in deference to rural interests as the councillors wanted to protect the environment.

As a result, Environment Canterbury (ECan) lost all democratic representation. This loss of democracy sparked anger and demonstrations at the time. Environment Minister Nick Smith claims ECan Commissioners have made “huge progress” but ECan’s own recent evaluation of lakes and rivers in Canterbury shows water quality continues to deteriorate.

Article here,  Christchurch City Council labels Government’s Environment Canterbury plan ‘arrogant’


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